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June 20, 2012 admin

Can you remove my (insert defect here)?!

Often-times I am asked by clients if I can remove blemishes, acne, braces, bad hair installations (I’m tryin to  be PC yall), tatoos, FAT (?!?!) and many other things from their photo image.

The short answer is… YES.

Likewise, I’ve been asked how much it would cost.

The short answer is… NOTHING.

{focus_keyword} Can you remove my (insert defect here)?! B4after jon1

This image shows several touch-up techniques. Sometimes clients don't have their own cap & gown so I use one that I have and simply change the color to match the school's colors. Braces were removed and skin was touched up to provide an image that both the subject and his mom were very pleased with.

Now, many other photographers WOULD SAY I”M NUTS not to charge for my skill and time that it takes to remove such things. And to some degree they may be right. It does take a strong skill-set and more time than I’d like to devote to do such things. My opinion is a bit different though. Personally, I don’t want to go to a “photographer”, pay my hard-earned money and get back less-than desirable images of myself. People want to see the best of themselves in their portraits, especially “professional” portraits.

Why should you be put between a rock and a hard place deciding if you should stick with the blemish-filled result or cough up another fee to get the more desirable image?

Why should you have to wait until your acne clears, or put on a bunch of make-up that you don’t even wear, or wait until you’ve lost “XX” number of pounds until you can have photos that you’re  happy with?

Why are you paying a “professional” to take the same jacked-up images you could take with your iphone?

{focus_keyword} Can you remove my (insert defect here)?! B4after 3

We work with VERY talented makeup artists BUT they are not miracle workers either.There's only so much that makeup will cover.The techniques we use to remove bumps and blemishes still leave the skin looking realistic and natural.

I view my job like this; If you’re not smiling (or smirking in the case of most guys) at your images when you see them I’ve messed up.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means a miracle worker. If you don’t “structurally” look a certain way that you’re asking me to portray in your image, then you’re out of luck. Anything IS possible, but some things are just NOT believable. Likewise, don’t ask me to do something that is not really necessary (like changing your blouse color because you don’t like it. BIG NO NO! Wear something you are happy with to the photo shoot).

{focus_keyword} Can you remove my (insert defect here)?! B4after 2

While technically more difficult (and definitely WORTH charging for) tattoos can be removed as well. Same for stretch marks.

All that being said, my job is simply to present the best-looking you that I see through my camera lens. Bottom line. I don’t want to hold your pocketbook hostage.

I  just want you to smile (or smirk) at your beautiful images!