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Product Showcase

I am so pleased to announce our new engraved wooden thumb drives! These drives are made from real walnut wood and are laser engraved to reproduce every detail of our logo. It really is a beautiful piece that screams “classy” and something we think our clients would be proud to show their family and friends.

From now on, all of our wedding photography clients will receive this drive with their images loaded on it as a part of our wedding photography packages. I happen to think that is EXCEPTIONALLY COOL!

This is just our effort to give our clients top-notch  service, an unforgettable  experience, superb quality products and of course more epic-er (?) images.

Stay tuned! there’s MUCH more to come and as always, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


New Testimonials Page


I am so happy to unveil our NEW Client Testimonials page! The new look keeps the same “feel” of the entire website. That is, imagery and more of it! The new testimonials page features an image (that we have captured, of course) of the poster and cycles through each message. I think it looks pretty awesome. What do you think? I’d love to get your input, as everything we do is to provide a much better experience for our clients and visitors alike!

Here’s the link: http://blog.jirehphotography.com/testimonials/  GO CHECK IT OUT!


12 things wedding photographers want to tell you, but can’t.

I grabbed this article from offbeatbride.com and it really does have some useful information in it. I inserted my own images instead of those from the original post.  Check it out!


Most wedding magazines will give you a list of questions to ask your wedding photographer. Stuff like: “Can you describe your style? What equipment do you shoot with?”

Let’s be real: Those questions are boring. And you probably don’t actually care about the answers anyway.

So I surveyed some brides and photography-friends, and put together a list of all those questions you really want to ask, and all those things we really want you to know.

1. How do I pick a good photographer when there are hundreds listed in my area?

First, look for a forum or blog that appeals to your style. Obviously, if you’re an Offbeat Bride, you’re in the right place — I receive my best clients through the Offbeat Bride Vendor Guide. The photographers listed are accustomed to photographing offbeat weddings.

Once you’ve got a few favorite photographers, narrow it down to a handful of favorites, and set up a time to meet them. Make sure you’re meeting with the person who will be wielding the camera at your wedding, not a sales consultant or studio owner. You have to, like, trust and get along with your photographer — that way you can leave the magic of photo making in the photographer’s hands. Not only should you like their images, you should also like them! You’ll be spending many hours with them during your wedding day.

2. How many photos do I get?

The wedding photographers I surveyed typically deliver 50-100 photos for every hour of coverage they provide. Four hundred photos may seem like a lot, but your wedding photographer is preserving all those little details and the moments you missed while you were mingling.

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3. I love those photos with the blurry backgrounds. How do you get that look?

You’re talking about bokeh — a Japanese word roughly translated as “fuzzy.” Photographers get that look by using professional lenses that separate the subject from the background.

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4. I found one photographer whose images look soft and pastel, one whose images look clean, and one whose images look like they were shot on old film. What’s the deal?

Every photographer has a different way of editing their images using computer software (the high-tech version of a darkroom). This is called “Post-Processing.” Most photographers do some basic lighting and color adjustments, but you can also use editing software to create a unique look. Three popular styles right now are:

  • Clean: lightly processed to appear natural
  • Matte: a low-contrast look with muted pastel colors, similar to vintage film
  • High Contrast: a vibrant look with rich colors that pop

It doesn’t matter which style you go with, as long as you love it!


5. Why is wedding photography so freakin’ expensive?

This is the question I see most from brides on the interwebs. Wedding photography seems like easy money — work for one day and rake in the cash, right? But most full-time wedding photographers I know carry over $15,000 worth of wedding gear and often work 60-hour weeks. (Remember those 800 images from question #2? It takes several full days just to edit those.) Add insurance, taxes, software, advertising, albums, repair, shipping, and studio expenses, and many photographers end up making less than minimum wage for the first few years of their career.


6. How can I make sure I look good in my photos?

Relax. Trust your wedding photographer. If you’re relaxed, it’ll come through in your photos.

Leave some breathing room in your schedule so you don’t feel rushed — I recommend a minimum 30 minutes for family and wedding party photos, and an hour for the couple portraits.

Oh, and get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water the night before. Take it easy at the rehearsal dinner. Wedding-day hangovers are not fun.

7. I keep hearing about “shoot and burn” photography. Sounds painful. What is it?

Actually, yeah, it can be kind of painful. “Shoot and burn” is slang for photographing a wedding and burning it straight to CD without post-processing. It’s usually super cheap — for a reason. Bad lighting isn’t corrected, distracting elements aren’t removed (hello, Speedo-clad photobomber!), and zits remain proudly on display.

Digital files may be important to you, but find a full-service photographer who will edit the images and print reference proofs before handing over the digis.

And please, don’t let the digitals rot on your hard drive. As a photographer, I want you to proudly display your wedding photos. It makes me sad when I think of all the photos that never get printed. Don’t hide your wedding photos! I tell my clients to hang up a large print or two — when you’re having a crappy day, it’s great to look up in your living room and see a photo of an awesome day.

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8. Should we do a “first look”? And, um, what the heck is a “first look”?

The first look is a chance for wedding couples to see each other privately before the ceremony. Two-thirds of my clients currently opt to do a first look. It’s a great chance to get the wedding jitters out and spend a few minutes alone together. I find that first look photos tend to be some of my favorites. It’s a real moment with real emotions.

Honestly, it’s also a great way to avoid stress on your wedding day. (Some of my couples even choose to get ready together!) And many of my couples get to enjoy their whole cocktail hour because they got all of the photos out of the way before the wedding.

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9. Do I really need a second photographer?

No one needs a second photographer, but they can provide you with more images and a different perspective. Many of the top photographers only work with assistants who carry gear and help with professional lighting. The best thing is to ask your wedding photographer to see how they prefer to work. You can get good results either way.

10. How far in advance should I book a wedding photographer?

Many in-demand wedding photographers book weddings at over a year out. As it gets closer to your wedding date, it will be harder to book your first-choice photographer.

If your favorite photographer is unavailable on your date, don’t panic. Ask them for recommendations — they may know someone with a similar style and a lighter schedule.

11. You can Photoshop that, right?

It depends. As I photographer, I want to get everything as perfect as possible in camera. Posing, location scouting, and camera settings can “fix” most things before I even click the shutter. If your uncle photobombs you, I’m going to retake the photo — it’s much easier to get the photo right than to fix it with Photoshop. Many photographers charge for extensive editing in Photoshop, because it can be very time-consuming.

12. Should I tip my photographer?

I get asked this a lot. There was a great article about tipping on Offbeat Bride. For photographers, “Tips are never expected but are always appreciated.”

Hopefully this clears up some burning questions about wedding photography — and makes it a little bit easier to find the perfect photographer for your wedding day.


Jireh Goes to Vegas!!!

For our wedding anniversary, my wife and I (really my wife) planned a vacation to Las Vegas. Let me just say that we had THE BEST TIME EVER! I tried to document as much as I could and still enjoy myself. This post is a reflection of a lot of the things we saw and did.

I hope you enjoy. We sure did!

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Welcome to our new-look blog!!!

I’m so  excited to unveil our new photo blog design! This new design gives us the flexibility and creativity to display our imagery to you in a very pleasing, eye-catching manner. Out with the old, in with the new!

From the HUGE frontpage display to the “tumbler” style gallery and blog layouts, this new design is exploding with style and imagery. I couldn’t think of a better way to show our work to the world!

So,  by all means, be our guest and peruse the new site to your heart’s content. It’s just another  way for us to provide a first class “Jireh Experience”  for you


Thank You!

If you have ever been a client of Jireh Photography’s or if we’ve had the honor of taking your pics we’d love to hear from you.

It would be AWESOME if you stopped by our new Testimonial page on our blog and let us know how your experience and service was and/or how you liked your images.

We love to hear from folks so stop on by and thanks again for being a part of Jireh Photography’s growth!


We now accept…

Jireh Photography is pleased to announce that we now accept all major credit cards, debit cards, as well as Paypal for payment of your photo sessions or portraits! This will add another dimension of convenience for our customers. Not only can we accept credit cards online but also on-site as well! This convenience is added to the other accepted forms of payment; cash, money order, certified check, even paypal.

Unfortunately, we still do not accept personal checks. (c’mon, you know why) :-) {focus_keyword} We now accept... icon smile