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February 27, 2014 admin

The BEST shoes EVER!!!

Detroit wedding photography -My shoes {focus_keyword} The BEST shoes EVER!!! MG 3857 e1393513781403Photographers love to chat it up about their gear. Especially if we’ve got something new. I see lots of posts and articles about a photog’s latest lens or new camera body. I see some fabulous wedding photographers showing what’s in their camera bag for a wedding shoot. This often times makes me wonder “what kind of shoes are they wearing”?

For me, weddings are a LOOONG day. After 8 – 10 hrs of walking running (more like a hurried walk) and standing around my feet are THRASHED!!! I bought some Dr. Scholls shoes called Influence and they are fantastic shoes. I’ve have them over a year now and found myself needing to replace them. To my dismay, I discovered that they no longer make the shoe. So, frantically I’m searching Amazon, Ebay and anything else, to no avail, when finally my wife says “take a look at these”.

These shoes are called Exersteps. First time I’ve ever heard of them. Now, ordering shoes online can be a bit of a crap shoot so I was a little apprehensive. But after finally getting them and putting them on… OMG!!!! These shoes are AWESOME! It’s like they propel me forward, encouraging me to walk MORE!, LOL!

The bottom of the shoe is rocker shaped and they relieve a lot of the strain from my heels and arch. Now to be honest, they don’t really seem to be made of the finest materials but if they can get me through this wedding season they’ll be well worth it. At any rate I plan on getting another pair very soon as backup. Every good photographer has backup gear right?

So, to conclude my shoe mini review, I have to say that these are the best walking shoes I have ever worn. Bye bye sore feet! Wedding photography days just got THAT MUCH FUNNER(?)!

COME AT ME 2014 wedding season, I’m ready!!! LET’S GO!